Terms and Conditions

Special COVID terms

We are offering our services during Covid as normal.

The current Covid situation is ongoing and should be planned with – as such there is no special refund available due to Covid related last minute cancellations or No-Shows. Our normal refund terms would still apply. (Find more about our standard refund terms below)

Who is Eligible for the service?

Only adults over 18 years old can participate at the tasting. When selecting the “rooftop package”, please note that no kids can accompany you due to the place’s policy. Every participant needs to pay the full price, regardless of how much they decide to drink. “Observers” are required to pay the full price if they wish to participate.

Confirmation of a Reservation

Reservations are subject to availability and are confirmed by paying in full for the experience. Reservations can be made via our booking system or by contacting us via email or our contact us form. No reservation can be made by a phone call and all reservations need to be paid fully and clearly confirmed via email or by the official payment note.


The reserve an experience, a full payment is required either via the portal or by paying the payment link we send manually. We do not gather any financial data, instead we use PayPal, you can find their privacy policy here:


Cancellations and refunds

Customers will receive a full refund (less an administration charge of 10% to cover our costs) if they request cancellation at least 48 hours before the event. No refund for cancellations or itinerary modifications within 48 hours of the event. For events booked from Dec 25th – Dec 31st, a cancellation notice of at least one week is required.  The administration charge does not apply in case of operator cancellation due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances. Cancellations or itinerary modifications are only accepted and valid if received via email. Since reservations are confirmed via email, please reply to the email address you received the confirmation from. No-Shows are not reimbursed. 20 minutes waiting time tolerance till declaring No-Show unless otherwise agreed via email. We cannot refund any fees charged by our payment processor for the transaction.

Meeting point

The meeting point depends on the package selected by the customer. They are as per the following:

Rooftop Package: Be Playa Hotel rooftop(4th Floor), located on the corner of Avenida 10 and Calle 26.

Condo/Apartment Package: At the location requested by the client.

Transportation to our venues is not included in the service, customers are responsible for finding their own way, however we gladly assist in the planning.

While there are many pictures about the rooftop about groups being in the pool having fun, please note that the pool may not be available. In case of an overly hot weather during the summer period (from May-October) the host may decide to the tasting in a shady area to prevent any health issues by prolonged exposure to the sun. Also, please note – it may be somewhat quirky and uncomfortable to fit a group larger than 2 people around the only available table inside the pool area.

In case of a rainy weather, the rooftop tasting will still be held, however the event will be held at Be Playa’s restaurant on the ground floor which would provide adequate shelter from the rain.

In case of ordering our Condo Package, the customer is responsible and liable for granting access to the tequila tasting team. If no proper access has been arranged and the team cannot get in to do their job, it is considered to be a “No Show” and will not be eligible for a refund.

When asking the team for an inhouse tasting, please kindly send us the full name of the condo/villa/Aibnb and its GPS location or map marker. Resort locations do not qualify for this package. If the customer booked the tasting into a resort, our rooftop location will be offered as an alternative location. The customer needs to confirm this within the usual cancellation terms (at least 48 hours before the tasting). Failure to respond to any location requests and confirmations in a timely manner (we will need the location information at least 2 hours prior to the tasting) will result in a “No Show” and will not be reimbursed.

If the property in case of the Condo/Apartment Package is located outside of the residential zone of Playa Del Carmen, an extra travel fee is charged. Please check and verify the location of your property before booking, if unsure, we would be glad to assist. As an additional note – locations with “Playa Del Carmen” in its address may still bear a travel fee charge if located outside of the residential area of the city of Playa Del Carmen. The travel fee charged covers all villas and condos located throughout the highway from Cancun to Tulum (from the highway towards the beach or otherwise within 5 kms of the highway. It also covers Tulum village residential areas and the whole area of Cancun hotel zone as well residential areas in South and central Cancun (Plaza Las Americas and its vicinity). The Northern residential areas of Cancun, any are North of Cancun and areas South of the village of Tulum (hotel zone, Sian Kaan reserve etc.) may be subject to an additional travel fee charge.

Itinerary Modifications

While it is our intention to do the event as advertised, regrettably on certain days there may be a special event at our event partner’s venue, or bad weather conditions so we may need to move the venue to another comfortable option.

Itinerary modifications from a larger group to a smaller group is basically the same as cancellation. It can only be done at least 48 hours prior to the event. The difference in pricing between the large group and the small group will be refunded less a 10% administration charge applied on the difference.

We reserve the right to cancel the event with prior notice, especially but not exclusively if the comfort and security of our clients is at risk.(eg: hurricane)

Rooftop Package: In case of a bad weather or special event, we will move downstairs to the Sushi Club located in the same building. The event is not to be considered canceled and will be held.

Condo/Apartment Package: These events will be held unless for extreme weather conditions, if our safety is at risk by traveling, we reserve the right to cancel the event.

Reservations can be modified by the client up till 48 hours prior to the event. The event is charged in full with no refund even if some members of the group decide not to show up in the last minute.

Personal Belongings

Luggages and other personal belongings are carried entirely at the owner’s risk. We are not liable for any damage, theft, loss of property.

Event Start Time / Duration

We decline all responsibility for any losses, inconvenience or expense caused to clients by delays, strikes, or weather conditions. It is our customer’s responsibility to make sure that he/she can safely arrive by the start time of the event.

The event duration is approximate. All events typically last between 1-2 hours, some events fall outside of the range given. We cannot guarantee a fixed duration and customers are kindly recommended to specifically ask for a maximum duration if they have other important things scheduled for after the tasting.

Promotional Material

We may take picture, photos or videos about our events including our guests having a good time and it may be shared on promotional materials and social media. Should you find a material we published including you on it, please let us know via email and we will make sure it gets unpublished as soon as possible.