History of tequila

  • Early history before the Spanish conquest
  • The grandfather of tequila: mezca
  • Colonial times, banning of tequila
  • The rise of tequila and its importance for Mexican culture

How to read a tequila bottle

  • Denomination of origin
  • 51% or 100% agave?
  • Blanco, reposado, anejo, extra anejo

How tequila is made

  • Agave cultivation
  • Artesanal vs modern agave processing
  • Double or triple distillation
  • Maturation

Tequila regions

  • Lowlands tequila
  • Highlands tequila
  • The official states where tequila can be made

How to taste tequila

  • How to drink tequila
  • What glasses to use
  • The 3 steps of tasting tequila