Are you up for the adventure of your life?

Follow George Clooney, Santana' and Sammy Hagar's footsteps and let us give you the coolest experience in your life. They have already made their own tequila. Are you ready to follow their steps? Now you don't need to be a filmstar to do this. We make it all possible for you!


Come down to Jalisco, Mexico and join us on this 4 days long All inclusive journey and make your own bottle of tequila with Tequila Academy Playa Del Carmen.

- It could be the best bachelor(ette) celebration where you can actually have your own tequila to be served on the wedding day.
- It could be a great team building exercise to create the company brand labelled tequila to be used for corporate celebrations.
- Or it could be just for your own private tequila with your partner, friends.