5 different types of tequilas

You will be provided with 5 samples of the finest tequilas available. Only through sampling it is possible to decide which tequila is one’s favourite. Different styles and brands are combined to ensure everyone finds one or two that they can call favourites. We only provide award winning tequilas in our tastings.


Professional tasting glasses

We use Bormioli tasting glasses. The Bormioli family has a long history of glassmaking tradition dating back to 1825, when Luigi Bormioli opened his first glassworks in Fidenza Parma, Italy. Even in the present days, these glasses still maintain their superior quality providing incredible visibility and are a great help to enhance the aromas for sniffing and tasting.


Snacks and nibbles

It is important to have a clean palate between the tasting of each tequila. For this reason we are providing you with a good selection of snacks and nibbles you can grab.



We don’t want to bore you with just another margarita, so you can try paloma with us, the most popular cocktail in Jalisco, the heartland of tequila. We can show you a truly easy recipe with which you can easily make your own cocktail at home.


WSET certified host

Your host, Adam holds the highest level of WSET certification in spirits. WSET stands for Wine and Spirits Education Trust and is the oldest institution providing formal qualification to wine and spirit specialists. This is in addition to an experience of over 10 years of teaching and tutoring, all to ensure that you will be in good hands.


Learn about the secrets of tequila

No longer will you need to stare at the shelves of the store aimlessly trying to decide which bottle to take back home with you to try.. You will learn what agave is and how it tastes like, how tequila is made, about its mysterious history and of course the 2 classes and 4 types of tequila.



As after the event, you will have a better understanding of tequila, than most, you will be provided with a certificate to highlight this achievement.